Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Little Deer"

8 x 8" oil/canvas panel

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This past week Great Falls, Montana, hosted its one claim to fame, the CM Russell Western Art Auction. Seriously, artists and collectors alike just come swarming into town! Its is so exciting! Anyway, part of it is like old home week for me, as I get to see lots of artist friends that I don't get to see otherwise.
While visiting with some of them the subject of wildlife painting and deer in particular, came up. I have always sort of held the notion that the world may not need another deer painting. (I suppose the same could be said for horses, cows, elk, etc.) But two artists in particular, that I have always held in high regard for being able to put a fresh spin on a common subject, inspired me to give it a try. Sheila Rieman, with her amazing use of color. And also Greg Beecham, who puts an edgy spin on all his wildlife paintings.

This painting didn't take me long, really. About 40 minutes. I left it sort of washy, like a watercolor with lots of transparent areas. I had fun and I realized that some subjects, especially if they are well done, are really timeless.

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