Monday, May 5, 2008

Oil Painter's of America in Montana!

So I got back from the OPA show last night and I have to say, I've never had such a wonderful experience. Today I am so inspired I just can't wait to get to the studio!
The first day, Friday morning, we were all treated to a demonstration by Ramon Kelley, where he created a painting of fellow artist Neil Patterson, Vice President of the OPA. You would not believe how fast he got it down! Most of the time he was painting with a #14 flat, even for the details!
Later I got to join Ramon and several other OPA members for lunch with my artist friend Ron Ukrainetz. How lucky am I? Everyone was so nice! It made for such a fun weekend.
Saturday morning, a few of the Signature Members held painting demos at the Dana Gallery. Zhiwei Tu who paints alla prima style and goes straight to the point, has such a fresh, (seemingly) effortless way of painting. I learned so much from watching him and what was happening on his palette.

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