Monday, August 25, 2008

"A Pint After Closing"

10 x 8" oil/canvas panel
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To me, this painting is a statement about people who work hard for the small rewards that come at the end of each day.  I love how it came out.  So honest.


  1. I agree, so honest. It looks like she had a long day and still has to go home, wash the laundry, clean the dishes, and make sure the kids have what they need for school tomorrow. There are so many hard-working people living this way. You did a great job of making that weariness come through her far off expression. I'm glad you chose a warm, cheery color for her shirt.

  2. Deb, you really have an amazing ability to reflect the emotions that motivated you to paint your subject in the first place. I have been this woman (minus the smoke ;). Although she's tired, she seems to be thinking about a job well done... "it was worth it". Nicely done again!!!

  3. Thanks Everyone!
    I recieved so many wonderful and funny comments on this painting.
    Most came in email form. Really too many to transfer to this post.
    I guess this must mean we could all use a beer now and then!! : )

  4. Oh my gosh mom!!! This painting is amazing!!! Love you. Rachel