Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cowgirl in Umber

16 x 12 oil/canvas panel

I did this sketch today with just some Burnt Umber and Ultra Marine Blue.  The white is the gesso showing through.  I like to do these now and then, just for something different.  Its like doing a charcoal drawing, only in oil.  To be honest I'm not sure I like it that well.  I wish it were warmer. Usually I do these in just the umber, but I love black shapes so couldn't resist adding some blue.  Also the arms have that foreshortening thing going on.  I wanted her to look as if she were leaning forward, but to me she looks a little stiff. 
Finally got most of these big canvases stretched.  It's a job if you've never tried before.  I have a few deadlines coming up and am hoping to do something a bit larger.

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