Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Soft Place to Land

36 x 30" oil/linen

Finally! Its done!
And with 5 days to go before the Russell Auction deadline.
Wheez! Wheez!
Gosh! Maybe I try to squeeze in another while I'm fresh! (I'm being sarcastic here... : )

I ended up going Olive Green as my dominant.
I usually avoid this color because of its black tendencies. But I was reminded by my artist friend L. A. Stevens what a wonderful color it is for snow scenes.


  1. Congratulations! This has turned out to be quite successful. There is a sense of peace and lovely atmosphere here.

    Interesting about the olive green as dominant. I did not know that, especially since snow is so rare in my neck of the woods. The idea of painting snow seems very challenging!

    Best wishes with the auction.

  2. what an amzing painting!!... really cool... I also love 'Topcoat'

  3. Wonderful painting....enjoyed seeing the process/progress. Just wondering about the color charts; I've not done them; what do the five rows represent? thanks....E in Florida

  4. Thanks everyone!
    Although I lost some of the spontaneity in this painting, the result for me is tolerable... : )

    And to answer E's question,
    the five rows represent five values, dark to light.
    Its interesting to see what white does to the mix.

    Also each color (mix) on your palette should lean toward the dominant hue. For example, if the dominant hue is Ultramarine Blue and you add Cad Red to it, the mix should lean to the blue side. This creates harmony.
    The fun part about doing paintings this way, is that your compliment (in this case, orange) will "pop" off the canvas.