Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Man Smoking a Pipe in the Woods"

8 x 6"  oil/canvas panel
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I've been visiting a lot of galleries lately looking at art and also searching for a home for some of my paintings.  Something I came to notice is, I really admire artists that use their imagination to create representational paintings. This is something I'd like to give back to my artwork. I do most of my paintings from a vast amount of reference material.  Mostly photographs.  But in the case of my 19th Century Harvest painting, I did LOTS of pencil sketches from my imagination, especially of the figures. Along the lines of Thomas Eakins harping at his students to draw their subject 50 times before settling on a just one.
So here is a painting I did today, completely from my imagination.  Really, I never know what I'm going to be painting next, but I'd like to do more historical rural genre scenes.

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