Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rebuilding Website...grunt grunt...

"The Neighbor Kid"      20 x 16 oil/panel
I did this painting a few years back.  I have always liked the look I captured on this boys face.


Gosh, I really hope no has been trying to look at my website these past two days!  I spent most of the weekend rebuilding it and must say its been MUCH more work than I had first intended. 
I think I got it right now, except for an issue with Safari I'm going to have to address tomorrow. I've been asked many times if building my own site was worth it.  To that I say yes (because I can be so obsessed with perfection) and no (because its hard work!!)  Now I see why web builders get paid so well, they deserve every penny!!
I spent a few hours at the easel today, but no luck.  So will try to get something up to show tomorrow.   

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