Monday, April 6, 2009

"E" - Ermine in Winter

6 x 8" oil/canvas panel
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More on my alphabet series.
And Mike? I have to say you were right, I should have gone E - for Elephant instead. This little guy was really challenging with all those whites!
Also, I think I forgot to mention that my last post was D - for Dump Truck. Of course!

And, I'm so proud to announce that this week I was awarded the "Passion for Painting Award" by Carolyn Finnell, she works as an art director in Louisiana. Thank you so much Carolyn! I always hope that my paintings will inspire. Now I need to get a free moment to pass this along. There are so many deserving blogs out there.
Anyway, thanks again!

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  1. "E" for excellent piece, Deb! You've handled all the whites with ease, your ermine blends with the foreground and yet still stands out with a life energy to it.