Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"G for Geranium"

6 x 8" oil/canvas panel

Now where was I?
Oh, right! Back to that alphabet series!

So, I'm finally back up and running. Well sort of. I still have lots of things to tweak and I need to find where I put all my back up disks, etc. Mac's new OS is making me relearn a few things, which is just enough to slow me down and cause a few episodes of you know, "cussing!"
Bill is still not being very supportive. I guess he's waiting till I'm a bit more settled. Coward.
At least I can photograph my work now and get it online. My website needs some work too, but that's next weeks project. Hopefully I'll have things ironed out by the end of the week, enough to get some auction things up? Lets keep our fingers crossed. Anyway, thanks everyone, for your patience through all this. I'm sure in the end, this will all make life easier...hmm...?


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