Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Dog Days"

8 x 10" oil/canvas panel
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Geez, its sure been a busy summer. Our works starts around 5:00am, then we get just enough time to throw down a bowl of cereal or a pizza, before we collapse into bed at dark. Last night, with the windows opened wide to let the cool in, I smelled the first scent of fall. This usually means things will slow down on the ranch soon and I'll get back to cranking out more paintings.
I did this one last week and finally got a minute to photograph it. I like the way the ground has movement, leading into the subject. This is something I'm focusing on more and more in my work. Trying to make what could be a bland surface and using design features to make it more interesting.


  1. Welcome back to blog world, Deb! You've got rhythm and movement and it carries up from the foreground through to the swishing of the horse's tail.

  2. This is a beautiful piece, Deb! I once lived in Billings, MT. I sure miss your state.