Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Harvest continued...

This is the start of my new Harvest painting.
To get something going and to get an idea of what I want, I start by doing several rough sketches on newsprint with charcoal. These aren't very technical. I'm just putting down ideas here, working with different compositions and planning for the focal point. This is what I originally came up with...

As you can see, the focal point is on the two women at the right. At this point I'm hoping to create enough "weight" on the left with the farmstead and trees, along with the wheat crop to balance the composition. Later, I decide this doesn't work very well. So I change it to a more horizontal view, while maintaining the pastoral feel of foothills below the Rocky Mountain Front. Also, want to include the missing weight on the left with an additional figure.
I'll need something to look at while painting, so this is where my daughter comes in. These a just a few of the many photos taken of her during this particular modeling session. If I need to work out any problems later, I may have her recreate a pose later on.

The folded blanket is acting as sheaves of wheat.

Next, using Photoshop I arrange each figure in correct relation to each other. PS is invaluable for perspectives this way. I move right to the canvas and rough in this new composition. I've tried to keep a little of the bend in the wheat field, but will decide later if its really going to work. I've also drawn in the mountains, which will ultimately give the painting more depth.

To be continued...

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