Friday, December 11, 2009

Paris Gibson Square Museum - Benefit Auction 2010

"Dog Days" 8 x 10" oil/canvas panel

Another wonderful announcement!
I've been accepted into the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art's - Benefit Auction for 2010, with this painting. This is their 13th Annual Art Auction and my first time being accepted.
I'm feel like I'm on a roll! The event starts January 14th and runs through February 3rd. And is in Great Falls, Montana at the PGSMA.

As I post this painting, I am dreaming of warm summer days, which has NOT been the case here on the ranch. This week brought -30 below temperatures with wind speeds close to 40 mph!
On the prairie, this is NOT GOOD! Especially when it comes to keeping critters warm.
Talking with several of my horse buddies this week, our biggest issue has been preventing colic in older horses. It gets tricky trying to keep a water supply from freezing up, and many older horses don't care for even the slightest bit of ice in their water when its cold. I know I wouldn't! A tip I got from an old timer a few years back, is to mix warm water from the tap with molasses. This will usually get them to drink.
Stay warm everyone! It seems that winter is upon us and just a wee bit early.

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  1. Hello Deb! Congratulations on your work selected for the Paris Gibson Square Museum auction. (I, too, have a selected work.) I noticed on your blog you mention that you live in the "middle of nowhere". Well, I beg to differ, but I live in the middle of nowhere---checking the map, Lewistown is a bit more on the middle mark of Montana than Cascade.(LOL) All kidding aside, though, I like your art on your blog. And if you'd like to "talk art" via the web or email now and then, I'd enjoy visiting with you. (Hope you had a great Christmas!)