Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"New Paint"

New Paint 9 x 12" oil/linen panel

This is a painting I finished up today - another from my imagination - of a little foal born to a Mustang mare, with a sort of Mini Me look - since many young horses take on the coloring of their dams. I wanted this mare to have a shaggier range look, but I had to work around the other objects in the painting so the overall effect was kind of lost. I'm still happy with the outcome though. With these smaller works I'm giving myself some creative room, since I plan to take a few of them to a larger size. By using them as reference, I'm able to do this without the exhaustive research required of paintings done from photos. Its already there in my minds eye, I don't necessarily have to "fix" anything, so taking it a step further doesn't seem so difficult.

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