Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Snowball 8 x 6" oil/canvas panel

When I was a kid my Mom used to make all our mittens. Considering there were four of us, I can only imagine how challenging this task was. But each Christmas there they were - a new pair in each of our stockings. I remember studying the textures in the knitted wool, thinking they were so beautiful. Today you can pick up a pair at any Walmart for $1.98, but they'll never replace the bulky warmth of a handmade pair.
Thanks Mom.


  1. Deb, This series is really wonderful! I can feel the chill and wouldn't mind a litte friendly snowball fight - with some warm mitts on. (Remember how the snow was kind of "sticky" on the wool mitts?)

  2. Thanks Linny!
    Yes the snow did stick to them, and when they became wet, stretched to three times the size. After they dried, three times smaller.