Friday, August 22, 2014

Work mode....

A Passing Presence                                 SOLD                                    24x30"  oil-canvas

I've been hitting the studio hard the past few weeks and thought I'd stop by the blog for an update.  I've been working on several paintings at once, trying to catch up after a busy season on the ranch.  I like to remind myself during these times, that one (my art) would not exist without the other (the ranch.)  The Muse is fickle that way, and I try to attend to her needs whenever possible.
So heres one for the Muse, an old favorite of mine.  I love Pronghorn, sometimes called Antelope here in Montana.  They live out here on the ranch among the cows.  Soon they'll gather in large herds for mating; a spectacular sight to see, as hundreds gather en mass to roam across the prairie.