Monday, May 19, 2008

Plein Air Painting with the Montana Painter's Alliance

Okay I'm back from Ennis. After a long drive and a good rest, I have got lots to share!
But first, I've just got to mention how thankful and lucky I am to live and work in Montana. It is such a rare gift. The open space and scenery here is just breath taking. A landscape artist's dream. I would also like to thank the MPA and especially my good friend Laurie Stevens Gilleon for taking me along as her guest. Everyone was so nice and we had so much fun!

"Moonlight Basin Below the Madison Range"

9 x 12" oil/canvas panel

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I arrived on Friday late in the afternoon and did this painting quickly before we all headed off to dinner. I tried to keep it simple with just a basic value design.

"Aspen Grove in the Tabacco Root Mtns"

16 x 12" oil/canvas panel

This piece is probably my favorite of all the paintings I did this weekend. I love aspen groves. There is a kind of serenity that I feel when I'm near one. They are so magical! I was going to keep this one, but I'm a little short on cash this week so I'm putting it on the auction site. Its larger than the other auction pieces so I'm starting the bidding a little higher.

Here is my artist/horse riding buddy Laurie Stevens Gilleon. She is SO gifted!! I am really lucky to have such a good friend.

This is Margaret Graziano, another talented artist. She joined Laurie and I in the aspen grove. She is such a gentle soul. She just tucked herself right back in this tree and looked as though she might become part of it.

"Cattle Scale on Bear Creek"

"8 x 10" oil/canvas panel


This painting I did on our final day. Thats my friend Ron Ukrainetz below. He and Laurie both joined me up on Bear Creek. The light was sort of diffused and put this soft glow on everything. I just loved it!! I could have stayed there all day, but had to get back home that afternoon.


  1. beautiful work, deb. and great charity cause. i love your newsy blog. have a great day!

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