Friday, March 9, 2018

The Russell Art Auction and Out West Art Show - Coming Soon!


Usually to usher in Russell week, which starts on Weds. of next week, I send out postcards to all my collectors and art fans to notify them early of the upcoming events.  This year however, my print company seems to have dropped off the map.  Not sure why, but I haven't been able to contact them to find out what happened; no response to phone calls, emails, or even chats.  I should mention here, this is an online company who's name I won't mention because, up until now, they've always been great about being on time and accommodating odd requests.
In light of all that, I've decided to cast my postcard image to the Digital Wind, and hope for the best.  I do all my own layout, so this is a combination of both front and back, as it was originally designed for the printer.
If you are reading this, its because you are either on my email mailing list, a follower of my Blog, or a fan of my Facebook Page.  In any case, I apologize for adding more "stuff" on top of your already bulging inbox and/or news feed.
We are calving at the ranch right now, and I'm thoroughly looking forward to spending some quality time with humans (at least for a few days) so please come by and keep me company.

For more information on the process of bidding for my piece Burden of Beauty, please contact the CM Russell Museum at 406-727-8787.  This piece is in the March 17th, Saturday night auction which starts at 5pm mountain time.

Yours truly,