Sunday, March 17, 2019

2019 The Russell Art Auction

Hi-Ho Silver                 First Strike Friday Night Auction - Lot #48                SOLD            18x24" oil/linen panel

Blackbird                             The Russell Live Auction - Lot #91                      SOLD                    30x40"       oil/linen

UPDATE: The Russell Auction was a huge success! Both pieces sold well. Thanks once again to all who made this amazing event happen, we are all looking forward to next year! For the full list of auction results click here.


These are my two paintings for the upcoming 2019 Russell Art Auction.

Bidding starts on Friday, March 22nd at 6pm, during the First Strike Friday Night Auction, with my piece Hi-Ho Silver (Lot #48.)

Then on Saturday March 23rd, the real fun begins! The Russell Live Auction starts at 5pm, and my large piece Blackbird (Lot #91) goes up for bid.

I have to say, I'm seriously humbled by the caliber of artists in these two auctions, and that I'm able to stand beside them during such an amazing event. Thanks to the C.M. Russell Museum of Art, all its staff and volunteers who help put this event together. If you've ever been fortunate enough to attend, you'll know its no small doings!

Also thanks to Charlie Russell himself, now riding somewhere in the Big Skies of Montana, who started it all.

View the catalog here - The Russell 2019 Online Catalogue
Click here for a full schedule of events - The Russell Event