Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Boy with a Hat"

10 x 8" oil/canvas panel


Real quick I wanted to get one posted for today.  Then we are off to Twin Bridges our nieces graduation.  I am trying to get a better working schedule set, where I can have more family time.  This may mean no painting on Sunday!  Ak!  Not sure how thats going to work out, since I'm trying to paint every moment I have free. 


  1. Hi deb. I am curious. You have such a nice, neat "aura" around your subjects. Do you tone your canvas a dark color? or are you allowing your prelim sketch to show through? It's such a nice "style".

  2. Thanks Pattie, I'm glad you like what I have done here. And you are right, I like to leave some of the preliminary sketch, which is usually a mix of purple, green or blue grayed down with burnt umber, to make a sort of "black". As I draw my brush across the sketch, I pull this color into the painting with other lighter colors (the aura) I start all my sketching on a white canvas without toning and paint directly into the sketch. Also I don't use black from a tube, but mix my own from the colors I mentioned, that way it bleeds color into the surrounding paint not gray.