Friday, May 23, 2008

"Warm Coffee"

10 x 8" oil/canvas panel

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Well, today I think I may have made a breakthrough. I have been stressing quite a bit on this whole stylized approach that my paintings have been leaning toward. Really, I'm just thinking its not the direction I want to go. Allowing myself the freedom to experiment with it, though, has really I helped create some interesting areas in my work that I'm excited about and want to hold on to. With this painting, some of that outline is still visable. For me, a happy medium. I love the composition on this one, sort of a leaning cross.

This is my husband again, and about the best likeness I've ever done of him. I am still wanting to do a cowgirl series much like this pose.

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  1. I just came accross your blog and I love this painting and in fact all your paintings, especially the animal paintings and your dog what a cutie I could just take him home with me!
    I like the style of this one it stands out as being special and what a handsome hubby you have as well!