Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Thistle Patch"

Whew! Its been a very busy week so far!
Our branding weekend was lots of fun, and I got some good shots that I'll try to make into paintings later on, but first I need to catch up on a few things this week.
Friday I'm off to Ennis, for a paint out with the Montana Painter's Alliance.  This means more plein air painting for me, which is not my strong suit, as you know.  But it is SO important for any artist who wants to improve their painting skills.  So with three days of outdoor painting, I should be able to come up with something I can share here.  Keep your fingers crossed! :))

10 x 8" oil/canvas panel


This is a variation on the "Potato Patch" theme.  Our ranch like most, has its share of weeds.  Thistle seems to be the most prolific (and thorniest!!)  They are pretty when they bloom though, and really as far as weeds go, not such a bad one.  All our critters enjoy eating them, even our horses.  Well, with the exception of Bill!

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