Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wake Up Bill!!

"19th Century Harvest"   28 x 36   oil/linen
Collection of the Blackfoot River Brewing Company 


Sorry to be gone so long!  I've had a hectic week, with doing the L&C Paint Out and getting these last few commissions out of the way.   Also our anniversary was this week and my husband surprised me with an impromptu camping trip and midnight canoe ride on Lake Pishkun, which is right up along the Rocky Mountain Front.  It was breath taking with the full moon!!  I did bring my paint box, but forgot the turps, so didn't get any painting in.  Just as well since its been all work these days.  It was so relaxing and just what we both needed.

Anyway, I wanted to post this painting one last time to show the update.  I really felt that (Bill) the dog needed to be more active and some other artists friends of mine mentioned it as well.
This painting will hang in the Blackfoot River Brewing Company's new Tap Room which will open around Labor Day.

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  1. Great painting Deb! Your anniversary sounds wonderful!! I'm envious! Laurie