Friday, February 13, 2009

New Paint that Ain't

30 x 36" oil/linen

I finally made it back!
Last week I was merrily painting away on my rocks when I was contacted by Montana Trails Gallery in Bozeman. (...OH BOY! A REAL gallery!!! - I actually had been waiting to hear from them since January.) They like my work and want to represent me, (...OH BOY!!!!) BUT could I do a painting like "A Soft Place to Land"? (oh boy...)
Of course I said YES! So we both agreed I would do this larger painting of Cow Pony (formerly "Paint that Ain't") Thank God - I actually think it came out nice. I put the cows in because the canvas seemed large enough to support that many critters. Not to stand on, I mean visually :O) I still have a few value adjustments to do and want to work on his tail some. I'll post the finish in a few days.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Welcome back, Deb! And, congratulations on hearing from the gallery.

    Wow. This is a really stunning painting. The high contrast and beautiful colors are lovely. There is a lot of wonderful expression here. Those 'beef critters' make the painting. They're so cool.

    Best wishes as you go forward!

  2. Congratulations, Deb, on another beautiful painting, ( with super sky action), and on your gallery news.....YIPPEE!


    Just what an artist wants to be recognized for that something special.

    I am located in Florida and there are so many good artist here. It is very hard to get into shows much less

    I am proud of you Sister.


  4. Hi Deb, I've just discovered your wonderful paintings. I love your unique style! I also am an artist living in Middle of Nowhere, Montana and am just discovering the blog world. Congrats on your gallery news! I'll be back...

  5. Really nice Deb. I like it a lot!


  6. Wow, thanks everyone!
    It is such a great feeling to hear all your comments.
    It really makes my painters heart glow!
    And I have to say, this painting is one of my favorites. Not just because of the subject, but it has all the qualities I've been striving for; strong contrast and design, with a slightly exaggerated color harmony. Plus I'm getting that canvas size up there a bit. This adds the additional step of having to stretch my own canvases, but the reward of having such a high quality support to paint on, is worth it.

  7. Well congratulations, you are certainly deserving! I love your happy blog. Just makes me smile to visit here.
    I adore when I can stretch my own large canvases, too, because you are right, much better support that way!

  8. Hey Deb...good on ya...can't imagine what took em so long!!!

    This wonderful painting is yet another example of your talent...its a beauty!