Friday, November 13, 2009

"In the Heat of Harvest" - The Finish

So here (below) is the finish of my newest harvest painting. This painting has taken a few twists and turns, so I've jumped ahead a bit. I tried putting several children in the foreground with these women, but in the end I opted to take them out all together.
Harvesting in the 1800's was accomplished by the entire community and I had wanted to include everyone, as with my last painting. But I also wanted the focus to be on the figure at the left. Its seems I couldn't have both, so I've decided those kids may have to wait for a future in a separate painting, later on.
The top photo is not very good, but I wanted to show how that transition took place.

...and I just HAD to put Bill (the dog) in somewhere!

This is the finish. I still have a few value and color adjustments to make, but its close.
Its the largest painting I've done to date at 36 x 46". I'm planning on doing another large harvest painting, this time with a horse drawn hay wagon up front.
In the coming days, I'll try to share a few close ups of my favorite details from this painting.

Now, I need to take a few days off...

Happy belated Veteran's Day, everyone.
Please pray for our troops abroad, that they make it home safe to the families who love them.


  1. Your harvest paintings are fabulous!

  2. It's big and it's beautiful and it's got Bill!!!