Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"In the Heat of Harvest"- some details

So I'm back now with a few details on this painting. I posted a larger image of the finished piece here, so if you click on the full image above, it should pop open something a bit more visible.
I have to admit, I'm having a tough time getting the colors right on these detail photos, so if they're a little off, I apologize. Does anyone else have trouble with Photoshop CS4 this way? It never looks the same in Preview (on a Mac). Am I missing something? Maybe a RGB color profile?

Anyway, this is a close up of that look. I kept losing her in all those figures, so I just had to take those kids out as I mentioned in my previous post.

I really like the shadowed contrast of this sheaf of grain, against the sunlit background.

Same with this one, too. The purple shadow, against that yellow compliment.
Also, the woman on the right has that feel I wish I could get in all my figures. She's a little less romanticized than the others. More "truthful" I guess.
I'm also pleased with the colors in her costuming.

Overall the piece is finished, but I'd still like to warm up some of the cool areas in the whites. Bill seems a bit too blue and also the head scarf of the woman in blue, holding the sheaf of grain, needs more reflective color from her surroundings.

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